Colum Cille:   Our Talented Band Members


Board of Directors and Band Officers

President                        Len Pinaud
Vice President               Ruth Carrigan
Secretary                        Kerry Cutler
Treasurer                        Jane Dunworth-Baker
Pipe Major                      Colin Walsh
Drum Sergeant              Katie Zanello
Quarter Master              Mary Ball
Piper Major-Emeritus   Joe Kleinberg




Colin Walsh
Dave Cameron
Jane Dunworth Baker
Jim Rosato
Kerry Cutler
Len Pinaud
Liz Abeltin
Martha Campbell
Susan Gable
Maura Coughlin
Bruce Hutchings
Lynn Burrill
Sue Maxwell-Lewis

Piping Students:

Dave Bellerose
Deidre Cotter




Keith Kannally
Mary Ball
Julie Lariviere
Alice Greenwood
Betsy Simmons
Katie Zanello
Bill Norton
Kyle Nordahl
Peter Breen
Colette "Rex" LeBeau
Caleb Richardson
Callahan Coughlin


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