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New Members Always Welcome

      Colum Cille invites new pipers and drummers to join its ranks. Practice is held weekly on Cape Cod. Please contact us at for more information

      We welcome both experienced players and beginners interested in learning how to play the great highland bagpipes or drums. A goal for the band is to foster an environment in which individuals are encouraged and supported as they work to become accomplished musicians. A background in music is helpful for beginners but is not a prerequisite. More important is a desire to learn and a commitment to practice at home and with the band regularly.

      To march in parades or participate in public concerts new musicians must demonstrate ability to play the band’s sets of tunes. Sets consist of tunes grouped by time signature, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, or 6/8. Emphasis in performing is on unison playing, marching precision, and parade deportment.

      Lessons for beginning pipers precede band practice, taught by experienced members of the band. Private instruction can be arranged. Drumming instruction is also available and offered on an individual basis. Members are encouraged to attend pipe band workshops and seminars. In recent years a core group of the band has attended summer band camp. Scholarships may be available from community sources to help defray the cost of instruction. Instruction by professional piping and drumming instructors is provided on a regular basis.

      New pipers must purchase a practice chanter. It is similar to but not the same as a recorder. Drum students must purchase sticks and a practice pad. Within a few months new pipers should demonstrate progress by advancing from scales and basic finger embellishments to simple tunes. These are played on the practice chanter. Drumming students should be able to perform fundamental rudiments on the practice pad while accompanying a piper. When the novice piper is ready to advance to the bagpipes, the instructor will recommend reliable purveyors. Once an instrument has been purchased, the student is instructed in its care, maintenance, and tuning. Instruction continues on the practice chanter as tunes are learned, then transferred to the bagpipe.

      When the novice piper has acquired the necessary stamina and demonstrates a solid knowledge of band tunes, he or she will be invited to march with the band. Major pieces of the band uniform are loaned to members. Some uniform parts are the responsibility of the individual.

For more information about the Colum Cille Pipes & Drums please visit us at

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