Colum Cille: Pipe Band for Hire

Frequently Asked Questions

At what kind of occasions can I hire the band to perform? The Colum Cille Pipes & Drums is available to perform at most any occasion. The band has been performing in various parades, festivals, corporate events, family gatherings, weddings, and Community service events in the Cape Cod area for the past several years.

How many members will perform? The size of the ensemble will vary, depending on the event. For smaller functions, we can arrange a single piper. We can also provide other combinations (two pipers, a piper and a drummer, etc.), a "mini-band" (4-5 pipers, two snares and a bass drummer), or even the full band. For more information regarding the band, go to History.

How much does the band charge? The fees will vary significantly, depending on the size of the performance ensemble, location, and duration of performance. Solo pipers and drummers are typically available at an hourly rate, with additional per-member discounts for larger ensembles. For the entire band, performance fees will depend on the above factors. Please contact us for a specific quote for your event.

I'd like to hire the band.

Who do I contact? If you are interested in hiring the band for your next event, please contact us at (508) 367-8208, or: . Due to the band's busy schedule, it is advised to allow at least 2 months lead time before your next event.

For more information about the Colum Cille Pipes & Drums please visit us at

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